Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seminar Day Oct 8,2012

I went to the weight loss seminar for Dr. G  Woodman today. I have a lot to do before I will see him in his office. I have to do a 6 month diet that my regular Dr will over see. My insurance pays for most of Weight Watchers cost so I thought that would be a chance to show them that I am really trying. I have to lose about 30 pounds in those 6 months to be approved for the surgery by my insurance.

Don't let your insurance tell you that they don't pay for it because 99% do if  your Dr.s says its medically necessary. By that they mean the your family Dr. You will need to be able to give them Dr visit papers from you Dr for the last 5 years showing that you have been over weight that long(more than one Dr if need be). Your insurance will NOT tell you any of the requirements for the surgery to be approved either. Just ask them who the Bariatric Dr.s are that are on their list. Call one the Dr.s they tell you about and see when they are going to have a Seminar. You will learn some good info there, even about your insurance requirements for approval..

When I get about 5 months into weight watchers I have to have a Psychological assessment and a Nutritional assessment. In the mean while I have to get all my paper work from my regular Dr and her statement saying My past history,and recommending me for weight loss surgery and that I am cleared for surgery. these things need to be got toward the end of you 6 month consecutive supervised diet and exercise program.You have to see your Dr every month around the same day(30 days between) for your weight loss diet only. Don't let them put in their notes that you were also saw for a cold or whatever that could be enough for them not to approve you later down the line. So this day is about Weight Loss only!( I know someone that did not get approved for this very reason)

This is the basic for all insurances from what I get HOWEVER some are different. Your bariatric Dr will tell you what you need to do. BUT all do require the 6 month consecutive  DR supervised diet. This don't have to be Weight Watchers it what ever you and your family Dr decide on. Most insurance don't require you to lose a certain amount of weight on it but other do.

I am tore between which surgery to have the lap band or the sleeve. Its looking like the sleeve more and more for me but have 6 months to decided.

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