Wednesday, October 31, 2012

weight watchers weighin day again 3.8 pounds

I went to weigh in one day early this week but I still had a 3.8 pound loss. This is not a easy thing to do. I keep telling myself I have to lose a certain amount of weight to get the insurance to pay for the surgery. I have so much to get done for them and I cant wait to get started on all that stuff but it will still be about 3 more months before i cant start that paper work. Some paper work is only good for 6 months so I don't want to start it to early and have to redo it all.

I have gain so much weight because of my breathing and all the steroids I have had to take over the past two years or so. I have not be thin tho in a few years but I was still in the 100's back then..these 200's is for the birds! 

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