Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weight watcher simple - fi program

As you all know I am going to weight watchers. Well don't let them give you all that eat your points crap! I done this back last year and I did not lose a pound in about 4 months time so I stop going. I mean $12 a week to be told that I still weight the same 283 pounds was just crazy on my part. I am down to 272 on my scale tonight when I got out of the tub.

I don't count points..yes you heard me right. I am doing the simple filling technique (simple-fi). That is where you eat the power foods only and only eat small amounts to just enough so that you are not hungry. I have found that don't talk much about that but my feelings are they need to. It is seems to be working better for me than counting points plus I don't have to worry about how much what i ate is in points and all that. I just eat the power foods. I eat only about 1cup to about 1 1/2 cups of food at  time 3 times a but  do have a snack or two of  fruit or something that is a power food. Our stomach is only suppose to hold around ONE cup of food at a time so that is why I eat that size amount.

There is not much info about the simple- fi part of the program but i wish they would push it more so there would be. I feel that they think people would still over eat to much if they do the simple-fi program. As time goes by I will learn more about it on my own I guess for now tho I can say what I am doing seems to be working for me.

I eat things like Greek yogurt, the big tub kind and take out about 1/2 cup or a cup at time (its cheaper this way anyway). I mix it with Quaker Natural granola (oats,honey and almonds) and some Dole mandarin oranges( plastic jar kind, they are better cold)...........or two boiled/fired eggs,two strip of bacon/turkey bacon and some kind of whole wheat light bread/muffin/ect.

Yes I know Granola is not a power food but it makes the Greek yogurt not so tart. Later I may have to stop eating it but maybe by them I will like the plain Greek yogurt better. (like the one with the fruit already in it tho).

I will list more foods later so come and check out my post. I don't post but about one time a week right now.

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